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Amber is a tall, elegant girl with a correct slightly sloping topline. She is her grandmother (Margo) in brown! You can tell that they are related when they are side by side whether moving, standing or sitting! They both cover the ground effortlessly with proper movement and structure. She is simply beautiful with tons and tons of coat that has correct texture. Amber has decided to be a couch potato and does it remarkably well! Whelped 6/04. OFA Pending. Cerf Clear.






Ch. Ribo’s Revenge is Sweet

CH. Lorli N Jems Chocolate Romeo

Lorli Blackfoot

Ch Lorli Sharp Shooter CD

Ch Glen Arden’s Real McCoy

Ch Lorli Annie Oakley

Ch Lorli Chocolate Charm

Ch Lorli Kidder’s KoKo Kid CD

Ragamuffin Lorli B-N-B-C Bar

Rob-Mar N’ Lorli’s Cocoa Bean

CH Lurola’s Edward P

Ch Lurola’s Last Issue

Piner’s The Brat

Ch Lorli Chocolate Charm

Ch Lorli Kidder’s KoKo Kid CD

Ragamuffin Lorli B-N-B-C Bar

Ch Tebreez Pure Sin

Ch Tebreez Ultimate Warrior

Ch Legend Weekend Warrior

Ch My Ida Ho Diamond Jim

Legend My Little Margie

Wicket Di’s My Provocative

Wicket Di’s Hot Cocoa Beware

Ra-Ly’s Dutchess of Wicket Di’s

Ch Blackacre Seductive Harlot

Ch Cin-Dee’s Knight Lights

Ch Kaplar’s Back Knights

Cin-Dee’s Intandescent

Ch Gambler’s After Midnight

Ch Har-Ken’s Liberty on Parade

Gambler’s Second Chance

Ribo’s Trick or Treat


Ch Legend Weekend Warrior

Ch My-Ida-Ho Diamond Jim

Ch Homestead’s Ragtime Cowboy

Ch Rexpointe Flying Dutchman

Femme Tatale’s Flirtatious

Courtroom’s Sandra Day O’Conner

Ch Moody’s Magic Tri

Ch Homestead’s Courtroom Katie

Legend My Little Margie

Ch Legend I’m a Baad Boy CD

Ch Legend Dudley Do Right

Ch Legend Parti Girl

Legend Southern Odyssey

Ch Legend Oscar Mayer

Legend Funny Bunny

Grandview N Ribo Two Step

Searidge Brown Dancer

Ch Silverstone Charleston

Ch M’Ritz Dancin’ in the Dark

Silverstone Sienna

Searidge Brass Buns

Ch Sta-Mar’s Chocolatier

Searidge Brand Larceny

Katchu’s Coco Chenille

Pineshadow’s Coco Motion

Ch Pineshadow’s Brass Tax

Brynwood’s Cupboard Love

Brookwood De Beers

Ch Homewood’s Brownstone

BeGay’s Valentina Hershey

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